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Описание - Crafter FEG 780SP/Vintage-V, Guitarra acustica, Abeto Tope
Crafter FEG 780SP/Vintage-V, Guitarra acustica, Abeto Tope

Описание - Crafter SAT-BUB, Guitarra acustica, BUB Slim Arch Cuerpo
Crafter SAT-BUB, Guitarra acustica, BUB Slim Arch Cuerpo

Crafter DLXE-3000CD/RS/N, Guitarra acustica, Macizo CD Topee

Crafter DLXE-3000CD/RS Solid CD top, Solid Rosewood B & S, L.R.Baggs Stage Pro PreAmp & L.R.Baggs P/U, Gotoh Gold Machine Heads,Wood Binding

Modelo: DLXE-3000CD/RS
TopeE: Macizo Cedro 
Reverso & SIDE: Macizo Palo de rosa 

Enganches: Patented CRAFTER New Scalloped T-Brace

Grifo: Caoba 
Ancho de cabezal: 45mm (1 3/4") Wide Grifo

FRETBOARD: Indio Palo de rosa

Largo de escalas: 647mm (25 1/2")


Division: Gotoh Gold tuners

Puente: Indio Palo de rosa 
Carcasa: Gold

Electronica: New LR-T DX (LCD Tuner + Notch Filler) PreAmp with L.R. Baggs Element pickup

Color: Natural

Acabado: Brillo

SPECS: Dovetail Grifo joint, Abalone position marks & soundhole inlay, Arce tigre Madera Cuerpo & Grifo binding, Bone nut & saddle, Combo jack

Cuerdas: D'Addario EXP Light (Gauge: 0.30, 0.41, 0.61, 0.81, 1.07, 1.35)

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