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Описание - Crafter CT 120-12/EQBK, Arce tigre Tope
Crafter CT 120-12/EQBK, Arce tigre Tope

Описание - Cruzer ST-120, Guitarra electrica
Cruzer ST-120, Guitarra electrica

Crafter TG-300 Chromatic tuner for guitar, bass & violin (Green-On LCD)

Crafter TG-300 Chromatic tuner for guitar, bass & violin (Green-On LCD)

New TG-300 Chromatic Tuner for Guitar, Bass & Violin from CRAFTER. 

Angled Reverso stand.

Entire sceen changes from amber to green when the string in is tune.

3 modes: Chromatic, guitar & bass.

Built-in microphone for acoustic applications.

Automatic 3 minute turn-off to save battery life.

Uses 2 x AAA batteries.

Very small and compact, only 100mm (under 4") wide.

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