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Описание - Cruzer CJ-400/M.GUN, Electric guitar
Cruzer CJ-400/M.GUN, Electric guitar

Описание - Crafter D 6/N Acoustic Guitar with Crafter SB-D soft bag
Crafter D 6/N Acoustic Guitar with Crafter SB-D soft bag

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Music shops - Slovenia

where you can buy Crafter acoustic guitars and Cruzer electric guitars

Symphony International d.o.o.


Symphony International d.o.o.

4000, Kranj Predoslje 34

00386 (0) 4 234 49 35

00.00 - 24.00

Web store

Prima Music


Prima Music

1000, Ljubljana Šmartinska 152, BTC Hala A P018

+386 (0)1 810 95 30

Monday - Saturday: 9.00 - 20.00

MusicMax Celje


MusicMax Celje

3000, Celje Levstikova 1d

+386 03 492 53 51


MusicMax Ljubljana


MusicMax Ljubljana

1000, Ljubljana Šmartinska 106

+386 01 600 27 85


Trgovina Hartman


Trgovina Hartman

2000, Maribor Glavni trg 19c

02 228 13 60


Primamusic, glasbena trgovina

1000, Slovenija, Ljubljana,
Smartinska cesta 152, BTC Hala A

Tel: +386(0)1 810 95 30

Delovne ure:
Ponedeljek - Petek: 9.00-20.00
Nedelja: Zaprto


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