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Описание - Crafter SAT-TMBK Slim Arch body
Crafter SAT-TMBK Slim Arch body

Описание - Cruzer ST-120, Electric chitara
Cruzer ST-120, Electric chitara

Cruzer CC-10/PAM chitara clasica

Cruzer CC-10/PAM - Classical guitar, SP, Catalpa B&S, Pam


BODY STYLE: chitara clasica, Full size

TOP: Cedar

BODY: Agathis

culoare: Natural, Gloss finish


Gât (griff) WIDTH: 52mm (2 3/64")

SCALE LENGTH: 650mm (25 5/8")


SPECS: Truss rod (Metal rod)


Cruzer CC-10/PAM is an affordable, high quality chitara clasica.

There are many cheap сhitare that only imitate the Standard chitara clasica. Unlike many other budget сhitare, Cruzer CC-10/PAM corresponds with the world-wide standards and quality of professional chitare clasice. These design features include an ideal space between the strings and the Gât (griff) (the 'action'), high-quality machine heads, and an enhanced attachment of the lower nut.

Unlike many сhitare, where the cracking of the lacquer coating is a common type of defect, the Cruzer CC-10/PAM is coated in a high-quality lacquer which prevents unsightly and harmful peeling.

The shell and the lower deck are made of high quality laminate, which is most similar to the original tree structure. Laminate is highly durable and resistant to mechanical damage.

The metal Truss Rod makes this chitara clasica one of the best of it's kind. 

The Cruzer CC-10/PAM is incredibly popular with beginners, so get one while you can!

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